5 Jan 2012

Wedding Invitations...

A new project for 2012 includes the design and creation of wedding invitations for a family friend. As an illustrator, I have not taken on a project like this before, so at first I was slightly apprehensive.

But after talking to the bride-to-be, Lisa, and finding out the theme for the wedding is vintage romantic, I was very excited to say the least! As you probably know I love all things vintage, and have an obsession with vintage lace and trim. After the first design meeting with Lisa, in which we talked about theme, colour, layout etc, I went home very excited. 

The colour scheme is white (pearlescent), peach/salmon and silver; I definitely want to include lace in the designs, as Lisa's dress is lace so the wedding invites will tie-in nicely with this element of the wedding. Rummaging through my boxes of fabric and lace, I came across at least 3m of a peach/salmon lace fabric which I had been given only one month earlier...PERFECT!! 

I set to work making lace heart designs, and trying different folding techniques and after a couple more meetings to talk about the design, I have come up with a very simple design, which I feel is still very effective. 

Over the next few weeks I will be making the invites, so will keep posting photos of different stages of the design. I have already come across some obstacles with the design as there needs to be a pocket on the back so am still working on the design, and logistics of how this will attach to the card but will hopefully be able to post about how I overcome this problem!!!

Now, off to make lots of vintage lace hearts :)

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