5 Jan 2012

New Year...New Start...


I have realised I have not blogged for a while now, and as part of my New Years resolution I want to blog at least once a week to keep you updated on my progress, events I am taking part in and general interest/inspiration for me and my work. 2012, I hope, is going to be the year of new experiences and achievements for me and my illustration...

New Events... As well as taking part in events I found to be succesful last year I also aim to take part in several new events, in and around Warwickshire. I am already on the lookout for events in the area, and am hopefully going to be taking part in Blighty Boutique Vintage and Handmade Fair at Hatton Park, in Warwick. I will be posting a more detailed blog about this event, and the organisers in the coming weeks, so please keep a lookout for this!

New Gifts... By continuing to take part in vintage and craft fairs, I need to produce new and original gifts and greeting cards. I hope to continue with my 'Teatime at Three' range of greetings, tea-towels and tea-cup pincushions, but I also hope to add more home-ware gifts to the range. Before Christmas I was given several metres of vintage fabric and lace, therefore am hoping to put this to use in making items, such as peg bags, aprons, sewing/knitting equipment wraps therefore in-keeping with the vintage home theme, but using some different imagery alongside the teatime theme.

New Projects... I have been commissioned to design and make some wedding invitations for a family friend, which have a vintage, romantic theme; I have really enjoyed the design process, whereby I have been able to play around with hearts and lace to create a simple but striking invite. I am very happy with the results, as is the bride-to-be, so will be keeping a step-by-step diary of the making process...photos to be posted soon :)

New Ventures... As part of taking part in new events, I hope to venture out into the online market, by setting up a shop on etsy/folksy from which to sell my products. In the next month, I am hoping to build up some stock which I can then sell on the online store, but as of yet, am not quite sure what I shall be selling. I hope to include tea-towels, and other kitchenware/home gifts, as well as my greeting cards. I need to look into the practicalities of selling my tea-cup pincushions on an online store, as it will be quite hard to post without the item being damaged.

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