31 Jan 2012


I meant to post this blog post a couple of weeks ago, but completely forgot so here it is a little late!

The daytime invitations needed to go out at the end of January, so I managed to get them all made by last weekend, meaning I had a little more time to work on the evening invites before the deadline. For the daytime invites, progress started pretty slowly, but by the end of the day I had almost finished the first batch! If I hadn't of run out of some of the paper I would have finished them all but a quick trip over to Hobbycraft today means I can continue on making tonight.

I've included some photos of the development, and making stages of the invitations, both to show people how its been done and also to help me in the future if I ever have to make any more invites; by taking photos of the process it will not only help me remember how I've made them but will also help me to improve, making it a quicker and easier process!

Now to make the next 25...

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