5 Jan 2012

Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts...

Tonight I've started work on the wedding invitations, the first job being to cut out all of the hearts to cover in lace...

(Photos taken using 'Snapseed' Vintage theme)

In-keeping with the vintage romantic theme of the wedding, all of the lace I am using for the project was given to me, by a friends nan. After working as a seamstress in a nightwear factory nearly 30 years ago, the lady had bought a lot of the fabric and lace from the company when it went bankrupt. Unfortunately, she has never found a use for it all, and has very kindly given it to me.

Luckily some of the lace fabric was the exact same colour as the bridesmaids dresses and the paper chosen for the invites, so I think fate definitely had a part to play somewhere!

Making hearts has definitely made me want to make some heart shaped gifts/homewares for my stall; unfortunately I haven't got anything booked in before Valentine's Day, however I think hearts are always popular all year round, as a way to decorate or accessorise a room/piece of furniture :)

...Looking on Pinterest for some design inspiration

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