14 Feb 2012

Blighty Boutique Vintage and Handmade Fairs

I am very excited to announce I will be selling my vintage inspired gifts, and greeting cards at the marvellous Blighty Boutique Fair!

I was lucky enough to find out about this event last year, but was unable to get a stall due to the very popular demand by fellow stallholders for the tables :) I went along to the fair back in November 2011, and was completely amazed not only by the amount of lovely stalls and sellers at the fair, but also the amount of people Amy, the organiser, managed to get through the door!

Hatton Park Village Hall was completely transformed into a treasure trove of vintage loveliness, and handmade goodies, as sellers offered something that little bit different to anything available on the High Street! There were so many people through the door, the vintage style tea-shop complete with vintage china, completely sold out of the delicious looking cakes that were on offer :)

I knew after visiting as a buyer, I definitely wanted to sell my wares at the fair; walking around I was inspired by all the different items, including gifts, homewares and even some clothing/accessories; the fair features sellers of the very best vintage and handmade goods in the area!!

Blighty Boutique also helps to raise money for charities, by having a cake stall from which proceeds are taken; for the March event, Amy has chosen the Military Patients Fund which I feel is a brilliant charity to help, as they are constantly helping military patients and giving them the best medical care possible.

Please come along and support not only this wonderful event, but also the charity and enjoy a day of vintage and handmade loveliness, as well as some tea and delicious cake in the vintage style tea-room.

March 4th, 11am-4pm, Hatton Park Village Hall, Hatton Park...See you there!

 (Photos courtesy of Blighty Boutique)

7 Feb 2012

The invitations are finished...

After a few days work, and lots of vintage lace and pearlescent card I have finished the invitations! I am very pleased to say that the bride-to-be and her fiancee were very happy with the final results, and since sending them out to their guests, they have received nothing but positive feedback and kind words about the designs :)

I am very happy I took on this commission as it is something I have never done before, and I was a bit apprehensive about the challenge at first! I really enjoyed creating my own design, and working to create a set of invitations that were all handmade by me; it is definitely hard work, but I feel it shows in the quality of each card.

I am going to continue making greeting cards and gifts for craft and vintage fairs, but I now know I enjoy and am able to take on design work for invitations so can add this to my portfolio of skills.

31 Jan 2012


I meant to post this blog post a couple of weeks ago, but completely forgot so here it is a little late!

The daytime invitations needed to go out at the end of January, so I managed to get them all made by last weekend, meaning I had a little more time to work on the evening invites before the deadline. For the daytime invites, progress started pretty slowly, but by the end of the day I had almost finished the first batch! If I hadn't of run out of some of the paper I would have finished them all but a quick trip over to Hobbycraft today means I can continue on making tonight.

I've included some photos of the development, and making stages of the invitations, both to show people how its been done and also to help me in the future if I ever have to make any more invites; by taking photos of the process it will not only help me remember how I've made them but will also help me to improve, making it a quicker and easier process!

Now to make the next 25...

5 Jan 2012

Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts...

Tonight I've started work on the wedding invitations, the first job being to cut out all of the hearts to cover in lace...

(Photos taken using 'Snapseed' Vintage theme)

In-keeping with the vintage romantic theme of the wedding, all of the lace I am using for the project was given to me, by a friends nan. After working as a seamstress in a nightwear factory nearly 30 years ago, the lady had bought a lot of the fabric and lace from the company when it went bankrupt. Unfortunately, she has never found a use for it all, and has very kindly given it to me.

Luckily some of the lace fabric was the exact same colour as the bridesmaids dresses and the paper chosen for the invites, so I think fate definitely had a part to play somewhere!

Making hearts has definitely made me want to make some heart shaped gifts/homewares for my stall; unfortunately I haven't got anything booked in before Valentine's Day, however I think hearts are always popular all year round, as a way to decorate or accessorise a room/piece of furniture :)

...Looking on Pinterest for some design inspiration

Wedding Invitations...

A new project for 2012 includes the design and creation of wedding invitations for a family friend. As an illustrator, I have not taken on a project like this before, so at first I was slightly apprehensive.

But after talking to the bride-to-be, Lisa, and finding out the theme for the wedding is vintage romantic, I was very excited to say the least! As you probably know I love all things vintage, and have an obsession with vintage lace and trim. After the first design meeting with Lisa, in which we talked about theme, colour, layout etc, I went home very excited. 

The colour scheme is white (pearlescent), peach/salmon and silver; I definitely want to include lace in the designs, as Lisa's dress is lace so the wedding invites will tie-in nicely with this element of the wedding. Rummaging through my boxes of fabric and lace, I came across at least 3m of a peach/salmon lace fabric which I had been given only one month earlier...PERFECT!! 

I set to work making lace heart designs, and trying different folding techniques and after a couple more meetings to talk about the design, I have come up with a very simple design, which I feel is still very effective. 

Over the next few weeks I will be making the invites, so will keep posting photos of different stages of the design. I have already come across some obstacles with the design as there needs to be a pocket on the back so am still working on the design, and logistics of how this will attach to the card but will hopefully be able to post about how I overcome this problem!!!

Now, off to make lots of vintage lace hearts :)

New Year...New Start...


I have realised I have not blogged for a while now, and as part of my New Years resolution I want to blog at least once a week to keep you updated on my progress, events I am taking part in and general interest/inspiration for me and my work. 2012, I hope, is going to be the year of new experiences and achievements for me and my illustration...

New Events... As well as taking part in events I found to be succesful last year I also aim to take part in several new events, in and around Warwickshire. I am already on the lookout for events in the area, and am hopefully going to be taking part in Blighty Boutique Vintage and Handmade Fair at Hatton Park, in Warwick. I will be posting a more detailed blog about this event, and the organisers in the coming weeks, so please keep a lookout for this!

New Gifts... By continuing to take part in vintage and craft fairs, I need to produce new and original gifts and greeting cards. I hope to continue with my 'Teatime at Three' range of greetings, tea-towels and tea-cup pincushions, but I also hope to add more home-ware gifts to the range. Before Christmas I was given several metres of vintage fabric and lace, therefore am hoping to put this to use in making items, such as peg bags, aprons, sewing/knitting equipment wraps therefore in-keeping with the vintage home theme, but using some different imagery alongside the teatime theme.

New Projects... I have been commissioned to design and make some wedding invitations for a family friend, which have a vintage, romantic theme; I have really enjoyed the design process, whereby I have been able to play around with hearts and lace to create a simple but striking invite. I am very happy with the results, as is the bride-to-be, so will be keeping a step-by-step diary of the making process...photos to be posted soon :)

New Ventures... As part of taking part in new events, I hope to venture out into the online market, by setting up a shop on etsy/folksy from which to sell my products. In the next month, I am hoping to build up some stock which I can then sell on the online store, but as of yet, am not quite sure what I shall be selling. I hope to include tea-towels, and other kitchenware/home gifts, as well as my greeting cards. I need to look into the practicalities of selling my tea-cup pincushions on an online store, as it will be quite hard to post without the item being damaged.